Hello Madeline I would ask that you read my response to question 1163 as I am sure it can apply to your question as well. I can not say for sure why your kids have not felt, sensed or had an experience with their dad following his passing. I have to say I am sure he had tried especially in the days following his death. People can believe in something and not have a physical experience to back it up, that is called faith. There truly could be countless reasons why your kids are not aware of their experiences. Many things like upbringing, societal beliefs, hectic lives and unawareness of signs can all be reasons why they remain unaware of dad’s attempts. I can assure you that he was (is) there for all their firsts in life. He was there for their first kiss, graduations, their marriages (maybe yet to come) their children’s birth and all the great monumental life changing experiences, both celebratory and sad. There is not much I can say here Madeline, other than promising you that he has been and always will be a conscious part of your family.

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