The most important thing to remember from this dream is that you saw him, he came to you and that he is okay. That is what most people want to know from a dream visitation or a visitation with a legitimate medium, that their loved one is okay. Dreams can make you feel peaceful and happy or they can cause concern and upset because of the feelings they leave you with. Why your brother did not talk, I do not know, but I will tell you this is more common they you might think. I get so much feedback from clients about dreams where loved ones visit but don’t say a word. These dreams are still impactful and at times life changing. I can’t help but think for some reason your brother is still adjusting to his new surroundings and reality. Not everyone can communicate well from the other side; I see that from time to time in my work. The fact that a lady came with your brother and smiled at you indicates everything is okay. She may be a distant relative or a guide for your brother or yourself and came with him to bring reassurance that all is well. I would encourage you to analyze your own feelings and thoughts in regard to the dream and trust your own take on it. Thanks Chris

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