The problem with being terrified of death is that it can rob or strip you of a great deal of your current life. What I can tell you is people have been doing it forever and seem to be doing just fine. If you believe in an afterlife as you claim you do, that should really bring you some peace. Now the thought of dying or how that might come about can be scary and in some cases it is not a pretty site or experience. But that is just a blimp of time on the radar screen of total life. You are so focused on one point and time in your life that has not even happened yet; you are losing out on living the life you do have. You are like a kid who is worried about the day ending at the midway and he hasn’t even gotten to the fair yet. Jan how has the worry helped or added anything positive in your life? I know it has not, so reconcile this death thing in your brain and find some peace. You are going to die and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. I would strongly encourage you to read books by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. She is a fascinating woman who spent her entire adult life helping people understand death and the dying process. Elizabeth removes the mystery and FEAR from the dying process. It strictly is a vehicle of change not an ending. We (humans/life) are energy and you can not destroy or eliminate energy, you can only change it; that has been scientifically proven.

If I can be so bold, I would like to suggest that what scares you isn’t death, rather it is the question of leaving or losing those you love dearly. Read the question before yours about the 13 year old boy and you will maybe realize death is not the end. Also you may be a bit of a control freak! Did I catch you off guard with that statement? If you are a controlling person, that literally is the biggest issue a control freak could face. You can’t control your death date and way and I suspect that pisses you off, just a little. What if I told you, you did pick the date, the time, the scenario and who will be involved and who will not, before you were even born? I am not lying to you, YOU DID. So if you worry now, that is pointless because you already laid it out for yourself and you simply can’t consciously remember the details.

I would suggest you do not say anything to me until after your reading. Also realize your energy makes or breaks my readings (in a large part)so relax and don’t worry!

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