I respectively disagree with you and have to say that I believe 1172 and postings such as that do serve a purpose. I think it is important that all people have a say and not simply like-minded people. I certainly do not agree with this persons perspective and at times I take them personally and they can hurt, but it does help keep me grounded and it reinforces what I do is not for everyone. I thank you for your support but in order for you to arrive at this point in your life, you must have had a change of view about a certain belief in the past. Life truly is a process of evolution in understanding and self-creation. It is my hope by posting such a statement, that it may actually show the reality of belief for both sides of this topic. I know what I do is real and I know why I do what I do and I truly am comfortable with that. I am sure this person who wrote 1172 never thought in a million years that I would have the nerve to post it. To me that shows balance, fairness and a confidence in what I do, all in an attempt to give people the best platform to come to whatever conclusion they choose to believe about my work. We live in a world filled of judgment and when you stick your neck out to help others, one must expect from time to time that others will take a shot at you. Personally it is a small price to pay knowing the sheer numbers of people I have been fortunate and blessed to have helped through their grief.

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