Silence is golden (isn’t that the saying and I believe it is a lyric in a Frankie Valli song too). Just because our loved ones are around us, see us and know everything that is going on with us, does not mean they are always going to be able to speak up with input for us. There are times they simply can not cross a line and help us. For whatever reason, we need to find our own way out of a dark and troubling situation. As a parent I am sure you can see what I am saying here. Just because you see a resolution to a problem as a parent, does not mean that the best thing for the child is for you to step in and make everything alright. Maybe it is a problem or scenario that the child is always putting themselves in through poor choices and they need to learn from it. Could this be part of your dilemma? I am simply asking as I do not know what your situation is. I don’t personally believe people get off track, it simply appears that way. If you want to drive to Toronto from Barrie but you head north instead, you could still find your way in Toronto eventually, it simply is not the most direct and quickest route to get there. Our loved ones know you will get where you need to be, you need to trust that as well. As for the good psychics you know, please email me directly through my website link and I will keep the names and contact information and provide them when asked. Maybe you could provide a little background as to why they were good in your opinion. Thanks for writing

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