Your grandfather will be fine and your sadness is expected and a very normal part of a significant loss. I am afraid that you are experiencing the down side to loving someone. When we care about someone so much, losing that person physically can be crippling. You should read some books on the loss of a loved one and in all seriousness you may even want to speak to a councillor that specializes in grief and loss. If you live a normal duration of life, I am afraid you will lose other people who you love equally as your beloved grandfather and this is life’s way of helping you adjust and deal with loss you will encounter in the years to come. Death is not the end, it truly isn’t. Watch for signs and feelings that your grandfather will give you that he is with you still. You may feel him close to you, you may sense a pins and needles feeling around you; perhaps a feeling of not being alone. Some people even feel like a deceased loved one has hugged them. How your grandfather feels emotionally depends very much on how his family is doing here. If the family is sad and depressed, he too will feel these emotions. If the family is celebrating a joyous occasion or is generally happy, he too will experience and feel this as well. So work really hard at over-coming your grief and sadness and know your grandfather walks beside you anytime you need him.

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