I donít think you are crazy. I have had this exact same experience, only not with rubbing alcohol. Scents can be utilized by those crossed over, because nothing will snap your memory back quicker to a certain time, place or event like a smell. Memory and smell are connected in the brain and our loved ones will use the quickest, shortest method they can to let you know they are still with you. This could be a grandparent or aunt or uncle letting you know, they are still with you.

My wife and I had the same experience in our kitchen at 8 oíclock at night one evening with a burnt smell. In a two foot wide section of our kitchen, all you could smell was a burnt stench. Once you stepped out of that small area nothing could be smelt. We thought it must be Kimís grandmother, letting her know she was with us. Her grandmother Fern was famous for forgetting she had a complete meal on cooking and it would boil dry or burn in the oven.

When you smell this type of scent, simply acknowledge who you think it might be and then go on with your day. Nothing brings happiness to another quicker than a hello and a smile, even those in spirit.

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