It is because of people like you that I do what I do. There will always be those people out there that will judge what I do and why I do it. There will always be those who says it is not real and he does it for the money, let them think what they want, money has never been a driving force in my life no matter what I have ever done work wise. When a person who has never been to me for a reading and yet has received a sense of peace as a result of something I have written, that is a wonderful thing for me to hear and experience. I thank you for taking the time and letting me know you received value out of the time I spend answering questions.

I do the question and answer section because not everyone has the means to sit with a medium, either due to distance and or resources. Peace of mind and a sense of comfort is a basic human right and I believe it does not have anything to do with money. If by reading my answers to other peopleís questions and if by doing so brings a calm over someone, that is great, as a medium I canít ask for more. Any legitimate mediumís goal is to help otherís, thatís it, nothing more. Your response has helped me realize I am on track with my mission in life. For whatever loss or losses brought you to my site I wish you peace and a knowing that your loved ones are with you and wellÖ that Janet is my solemn vow and promise to you. Thanks for making my day!

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