Thanks for writing Jim, I am not sure if all your question will show up when I post, but I think it is possible to come face to face with your spirit guide or guides. I can only speak based on my experiences and all I can say is that my guide Grey Owl was the first person in spirit to make contact with me back in August of 1996. I think the ease that I experienced his contact earlier on has a lot to do with the path my life was to take as a future medium. For you, I believe it is most likely you will have the ability to meet face to face as you ask.

Step 1) meditation is the key. Balance your mind, your life and open those charkas within the body. Use colour and breathing and find a meditation or exercise that works for you.

Step 2) trust and believe in what you get. People often think that it will happen one way or another. You may see a meeting with your guide face to face and in reality it may start with just a thought or whisper of his or her presence. Visualize yourself opening up. Picture your soul or aura around your body and as you breathe visualize it expanding and encompassing the area or room you are in. Learn to visualize and do little tests like picturing an apple. Once you have the apple in your minds eye, study it, look for the shades of colour, the smell of it and so on. This strengthens your third eye chakra.

Step 3) it is a friendship like any other. You have to get to know your guide and a mutual friendship will form. In truth it is already there and probably the most solid of friendships you will ever have, you just don’t know it yet. So act or believe your guide is with you and acknowledge them and thank them when you think they have had a hand in your life. The quickest way to show value to something is by acknowledging it.

Above all else know you have the friendship and connection already and do not anticipate what you should be seeing or feeling. Let life show you first hand, you just be ready to acknowledge it. Sorry if I am not as clear in my answer as what you had hoped for, thanks for writing Jim, keep forming the friendship, you are on the right path. Because it is not an, if I have a Guide for you (as you already know your guide is there), it is only about taking it to the next level… the hard part is over already. Happy discovery.

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