Thanks for taking the time to write. Getting right to your question, yes I have thought of writing a book. I have written a rough draft of a manuscript entitled ‘ Pennies From Heaven’ and it has been sitting in a drawer for a few years now. I go through spits and spurts where trying to find a publisher or literary agent is a top priority and then I find my drive or ambition takes me back to focusing on what is really important about my work… my clients. Getting published is probably one of the hardest things I have encountered. As much as I know I have a book or two in me and as interesting as I believe my story to be, I also am aware that does not necessarily translate into interest on the publishing industry’s behalf.

I honestly feel things are moving in that direction for me now. Way back early on, before I knew and understood what my ability would mean to so many people, I was shown where my life was headed. Large seminars, television, radio, books and most of all helping countless people… I feel that is coming into fruition for me now, I have to have patience, something I lack I am afraid.

It is funny though, I don’t have one book published and yet I see my question and answer section being the primary focus of a second book. Apparently drive, belief and vision is not something I lack.

I wrote my manuscript with the belief that if it never got published, that I would be okay and actually I told my wife, if it doesn’t get published, at least it is there as a gift for my children. They would know what their dad believed in and what he stood for, that in and of itself is pretty cool to me. Take care and thanks again for believing in me. Chris

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