This is precisely how life operates. You are becoming more of a conscious person and that is why the signs are more obvious to you now. In the past there would have been many signs throughout your life, only you would have turned a blind eye to them not knowing any better, flying through life on auto-pilot in a way. Our souls cry out to us to pay attention to our lives and the universe gives us signs that serve as markers for us. Think of your life as a jet and in order for a passenger plane to arrive at its scheduled destination, it must follow a marked path and watch the co-ordinance that have been programmed into it, in order to arrive safely at its next destination. You say you must be strong enough to do it, and I say if you are meant to do it, strength does not play as big a part for you as FAITH does. If life is showing you your flight path through signs then trust you are on track. TRUST your soul, it will never lead you astray.

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