Your question is a good one and has a two part answer. First off it is not true at all that a person must technically wait 6 months to a year to be able to have a loved one come through in a reading. There is absolutely no time on the other side, so time plays no role in when someone is able to come through. I have done readings where people have come through only days after their death. This year alone I have done several readings where individuals passed away only a week before and came through loud and clear. Last month June 2010, I did a phone reading for a lady named Linda who called me at 10 a.m. on the morning of her scheduled appointment. She informed me that her brother passed 2 hours before at 8 a.m. that morning. I asked if she wanted to reschedule and she said no, I believe my appointment was scheduled on this day and time for a reason and she kept it. Her brother came through and dominated the reading with personal details of his death, life and family’s life after transitioning only 2 hours before. I just talked to her husband this week by phone and he said that reading not only helped his wife, but helped an entire family cope with such a tragic loss.

The 2nd part of my answer deals with the issue of a client being mentally and emotionally ready. Just because technically spirit needs no time in order to come through, that does not mean the client should rush out and book an appointment with a medium. I can not endorse rushing to a medium shortly after a loved one’s death. In all the cases I refer to above, they had readings previously scheduled and then suffered a loss and decided to keep the appointment. So Elle you must make sure you are ready first and then proceed with a reading. But technically you are not required to wait six months to a year.

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