Before I answer your question, I want to apologize and explain to those who turn to my site for comfort in the delay in answering the following six questions. We have had a rough couple of weeks in our family and have endured the loss of my father in law last week following a short hospital stay. I want to thank those who have patiently waited for my answers to their questions.

Now on to your question, at one point and time I would have not believed that would be possible. However, I am not so quick to jump to that conclusion any longer. I actually believe although relatively rare as it is, it can happen. I do believe that an individual whether physically alive or alive in spirit can choose not to see the light and truth of life. I suppose a spirit upon crossing over could choose not to see the light and perhaps stay connected to an earthly experience of physical life instead of choosing to live in the world of the absolute. I want to say that I believe this to be very rare, but is it possible… definitely! It is not the stuff of Hollywood television shows though, there are not countless earthbound spirits sabotaging people’s lives and I certainly would not classify them as evil or bad spirits. Troubled yes, dark… never.

I do believe that spirits tend to reach out to loved ones to let them know they are still with them and in some cases the attempts can be somewhat excessive and to some scary. Because we are spiritual beings, we are energy and energy can be altered and affected by other energy. Highly sensitive people can take on other people’s energies and moods, simply by being in their presence.

So my advice to anyone who may suspect they have had the experience with a spirit energy who may be affecting your life, surround yourself and those you love with white light and direct the spirit to let themselves be embraced by the white light of God and to move forward in their lives, by stepping into the light.

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