I am not sure I can tell specifically what he thinks as I have no personal connection at this point to him or you as this is over the internet, but I can share my views and those of thousands of loved ones in spirit who have communicated this very scenario to loved ones through me for years. First off, your husband regardless what his wishes were in life about his remains, will not care one iota what you do with his ashes. He will want you to be comfortable, he will want you to heal and most of all he will want you to move forward with your life. So whatever makes that possible, will be okay with him.

As for you, I want to stress that those ashes that you tightly grasp are not your husband. He does not reside in a plastic bag inside an urn. His energy, his soul, his personality and essence is around you and the kids and he is not like some genie captive in a bottle. So reconcile your beliefs and truth about where in fact your husband actually is and it will help you come to terms with what you should do. So now I will make my suggestions for what that is worth. Why not separate a small amount of ashes in a smaller urn or in a locket and have it sealed shut. That way you can always have a part of him with you, if that is what brings you comfort. Then you can disperse the rest in the way he wanted and both parties have in a sense achieved what they need and wanted. You will do fine with whatever you decide and for the record your husband could never be angry or disappointed with any decision you make, he simply loves you unconditionally.

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