Maybe the important detail for you is in KNOWING there is conscious life after physical death and not in any particular message that may be spoken from spirit. Try not to get frustrated by the lack of control over the communication you get. Rather take in the bigger picture of how significant your awareness is. I believe everyone can and does have a connection and awareness to those in spirit (regardless whether it is conscious awareness or not), however to be able to receive credible, validating and audible messages from spirit is far more rare. People’s talents and skill levels are very diverse. Not all mediums receive communication in the same way or in the same degrees of clarity from spirits all the time. You may be far more aware of physical signs and noises then you are of mental messages from spirit and that is okay. As for how or why you are aware of spirits, I am sure your near death experience certainly sharpened your awareness and sense of the spirit world. Look at your experiences as an adventure and not an exercise in frustration. Wishing you all the best and stay open!

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