Lisa, my response for you would pretty much be a carbon copy of my answer to question 1399 (just two questions before yours). I am happy that you both can find and use laughter to help you through what must be the most horrific situation that you have encountered. Love will guide you through this chapter of your life with Grace and dignity. I am really hoping that medically they can get your husband’s pain managed, because no one should have to be in constant pain. I would instruct you to journal each day and write down your feelings, thoughts, worries and emotions. This will be critical for your future, I am not sure why, but I am to tell you to write and start today. Buy a hard cover journal and write. Put down the hardships, write about the laughter and at the end of each entry write something positive or uplifting that you feel, are thankful for or that you observed that day. I will pray for you both and I wish for you your highest and best.

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