Great question Kim, I am not sure how clearly I can answer it, but here goes. I do not hear spirits with my ears that is correct. I can hear them in my head at times and sometimes I can tell by how I hear them if there is an accent or specific dialect, but more times than not it simply comes through to me as a thought, image or feeling. There have been many times that I have done a reading and the spirit coming through does not make me feel like I knew them in life or there is absolutely nothing familiar about them. Only after the reading do I find out that in fact I did know the person while physically alive. I think this is done purposely by spirit so I don’t get caught up in emotions or personal memories that very well could crowd out the communication from spirit. The risk of personal thought can change, alter or muddy a reading. What I can say is that as a medium, it is not the vibration of the spirits voice or communication style that is important, rather the spirits energy or soul vibration is by far more important to me as a medium for connecting strongly. Thanks for coming out for the evening that Saturday.

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