Get your boys to read. I have no idea how old they are, but see if they can read books by Mediums that I have promoted on my website. They must garner an understanding of life after death and reading can help do that.

I am happy that you have been trying to communicate with your son. Donít try too hard though. Talk to him, think about him and ask questions of him and then watch for subtle answers. Answers like money, songs, the written word, a sign on the side of a road, a show on television, an animal or birds and insects. I am afraid that seeing him in your dreams is as close to seeing him as you will come (that is real though). He does not have a physical body anymore so to create one for viewing purposes would be extremely difficult.

I canít stress enough how important grief therapy with a qualified and specialized councilor can put the sunlight back in your life as well as your sonís. I have the name of a highly qualified Psychotherapist in Newmarket who specializing in Grief Therapy. I have no idea where you live but there will be some in your area, you have to find them. Check through hospitals and family doctors. I am asking and sort of telling you DO NOT TAKE MEDICATION AT ALL for depression or anything else that is involved with recovery.

I would love to give you a message from your on, but in all honesty I am not seeing or feeling him as I type. I suspect he is more interested in connecting with his family himself. Read and believe, that is the best advice I can give you Sharon.

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