Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. I, nor anyone else will be able to relieve your fiancťís pain and suffering in regards to her fatherís passing. Only time and determination will assist her in coming to terms with her loss. She will have different stages that she will go through. She can slow down or speed up the process all by the choices and outlook she decides to take.

Part of believing or wanting to believe that another had a hand in his death, helps someone think that it wasnít his time to go, that it must have been a mistake. But the truth of the matter is, it was his time to go and in the way that he did. It is not pretty to say or to believe, but all that I know and have gained through my ability tells me this is so. If you are asking, was this murder? I have to be honest and say no. It was not premeditated, nor deliberate, but an accident. There is guilt involved for another party and it is heavy and hard for them to come to terms with.

The incidents leading up to her fatherís death, have no direct correlation to what happened. There is a lot of conspiracy theories floating around and in a weird and bizarre way they bring comfort and reason to this manís death. It keeps it alive for the family far longer than saying he died accidentally (which I believe). Is there some business dealings that he was in the midst of? There are financial symbols popping up all around me as I answer your question. I hope I answered your question appropriately, as this is all I am getting. Thank you.

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