Mom is holding on to what was and not what is, I am afraid. She has every right to feel the way she does and can choose to make whatever choices she needs to. I am afraid though she is living in ‘what if land’ instead of what her present reality shows. It must be very difficult for her, no doubt… but your father says, she has to make choices and she just won’t. She chooses to be stuck where she is and feels like she can’t move forward without him, or even if she would want to is in question. Your dad seems like a practical sort of a man, very matter of fact, with his energy (personality).

He’s laughing because if the situation was reversed, she would be so pissed with him wallowing in grief and stuck, she would have no time for that. Through this she will learn many things. One will be just how strong she is. Whether she discovers that relatively quickly or not is up to her. There is a major health issue coming around like a cancer and he just keeps saying thanks and there is also another male there with him who passes due to the heart condition. He’s having fun where he is (go figure), you are all left here to grieve and move on and he has the audacity to be having fun. He is not worried about your mother at all and he makes me feel that your concerns and problems take a drastic change in two months, stay the course an stay strong and look for your way out, it is coming. I wish you well and a major ‘C’ connection keeps coming up. This I believe is a person alive and very important to your father.

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