You know he is with them and you certainly don’t need to ask me that. Why is my opinion worth more than yours… you KNOW the answer. Of course he is around them and you and all those he loves and cherishes. You probably feel like you are hanging by a thread and you are not sure what is coming next. You are usually such a strong self-confident woman and now you find yourself on the other side of the tracks. It is time to get back on side. Know that you will make smart, creative and life affirming decisions for you and your children.

As for your children and your concerns you have every right to feel that way. Please read question 256, everything I wrote there pertains to you and your wonderful children. I know you and your family will do fine, because your husband would not have it any other way. You will get stronger, clearer and more dominant with your children and that will be a great thing. I have a lot of faith in you and your kids. Ask for help from your husband and demand it, expect it, he will always be there for you all. Your oldest has to watch the choices they are making right now. There are bad choices being made as you read this, keep close reigns on the oldest, you won’t be sorry. They may try to push you away, but I promise you all they want is to be hugged. You can do this and you can do it well… it is a choice.

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