First off thank you for your kind comments, I truly appreciate you taking the time to convey your feelings. As for your health issues, there are two things I would say you need to do… go out today and buy Kevin Trudeau’s book called ‘Natural Cures’ “They” don’t want You To Know About. Updated issue. This book can if you let it change your life and your health, I am not exaggerating. Change what you eat and eliminate toxins in your body that cause illness and disease and you will change your health condition. I have four kids and we have switched to a mostly organic lifestyle (not everything, that is almost impossible) and have supplements such as Omega-3, Probiotics (acidophilus), vitamin C and have changed our immune systems and our health drastically (be consistent and give it at least 3 months before deciding if it works for you.

Secondly save money and visit a good Naturopathic doctor. Some health plans even cover the services of such a doctor. Some people don’t put much faith or stock in what these doctors say… I promise you it can turn your life around. They treat the causes for diseases, health issues and not just the symptoms, like medical doctors. Some people would not spend their own money on seeing a doctor because we have OHIP. That is a huge mistake. Go and see for yourself. Keep seeing your medical doctors, but you can change your life and health by taking these two simple steps. I promise you.

What have you got to lose… nothing because everything I have suggested is natural, chemical free and powerful. Before anymore surgery, or medicines are prescribed to you… PLEASE follow my advice first. Don’t let any doctors cut anything out of you until you read this book and visit a naturopathic doctor. Then you have the whole picture and can make qualified decisions for yourself.

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