My friend, your eyes will never close forever, that I promise you. When it is your time you too will join your son and he will be there to greet you. Until that time, know he is safe, alive and very much with you at this very moment. This is not a pipe dream, not some empty wish I tell you, but a knowledge I have gathered from 10 years of being a medium. He is standing next to you, observing your life and being an integral part of that life.

So honor him this Thursday Feb 9th, but honor him every day. Donít feel that you must only reflect and honor on his birthday, the anniversary of his death and any other significant calendar date, but rather every morning you wake up, know that you honor him by getting out of bed and bravely continuing on with your life in a meaningful and honorable way.

Whatever it is you want him to know, just think it. Send that very thought out to him and I promise you with all my heart you will not miss the mark. There is no doubt that you have suffered the greatest pain and anguish one could. Who do you choose to be as a result of your loss, is the million dollar question. Honor your son, by doing your very best and living well. You can cry, mourn, feel sorry for yourself and question everything about life. You have earned that right, but you also earned the right to heal and to laugh again, without feeling guilty or bad for your son. Talk to people, read books and pray and find authentic comfort anywhere that you can. Authentic comfort is real comfort, free of drugs and alcohol. Donít numb the pain, you have to feel it unfortunately to break through it.

Your son knows how you feel, how you think and who you truly are. Please let that be enough. All my best to you, you brave soldier.

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