Although that is a true account of what actually happened and I do write about in my upcoming book Pennies from Heaven; please understand that was a very rare situation. Before I go on can I simply say that I am so sorry for your physical loss of your son, my prayers are with you and your husband. Please do not come to me if you are hoping to hear your death date, because I promise you, you will be disappointed in the reading, because you will not hear it. You and your husband will cross over at the precise and perfect time that you have already agreed to and the wheels of life are already at work bringing you and everyone of us to that point, just as it happened for your son. You can not rush it nor change what you have created for your reality… sorry. Honestly instead of focusing on when you will die, why not focus on living, because your son is very much still with you both and around you both. You can connect with him during your physical life, you simply have to change your thoughts, and beliefs and open up to his love. I have sat with many parents who have lost their only or all their children and have fought and clawed their way back into life. Please call me or email me at and I will put you in touch with two or three different families that can and will help you. They have lived through your pain and they KNOW your pain and it is achievable to live a good life; albeit different, but still rich and rewarding. You need to shift what your purpose for living is from your son to another cause. It may not be equal, but you can find purpose once again in your life. Continue counseling, seek help from bereaved families of Ontario, visit my links page for the Alive Alone website and don’t ever give up! Talk to your son and learn to feel your son, I promise you he is with you and wants you to LIVE! You will help others in the future, that is a promise.

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