First things first, my belief is that we are not here to learn lessons and find happiness, rather I believe we are here to create our lives, to create who we are at any given moment and to BE happy, there is no need to find happiness, it is in us to begin with, we simply (I mean simply) have to let it out. Now no question about it, life’s events can sure make it seem otherwise, but trust me the happiness you seek, is already inside you, choose to let it out. If a person has emotional and mental issues, this is something different entirely, than what you describe. I promise you no matter how far off track you feel, or feeling like your spiritual journey has stopped, is truly an illusion. It is impossible for anyone’s spiritual journey to end, because we are spirit at our core and our journey, trip or spiritual experience never ends, it can not cease, because life is eternal and so are our souls! You are going over a bump in the road that is all. You will as result of your present experiences, grow greatly and create a wonderful YOU, based on your experiences, you simply can’t see that yet, trust and give it time. Please believe me, your moods, responses and feelings are all things that you are in control of... you choose to be happy, sad, laugh, cry, to be angry, upset or bothered; when these emotions and responses occur and you are not happy with them, remember to stop and consciously choose again. It may seem hard or awkward at first, but with practice you will realize quickly how much you truly control about your emotions. You will become proactive instead of reactive to events and feelings.
As for your friend’s father I don’t know what to say to you, as I can’t imagine why he would need to talk to you, through me. His own child I could understand. I think you feel like you need to sit with me, because of how you feel and you are using your friend’s father as the reason, when in reality it is because of how you feel personally and now you know you have the power to change that and I just saved you $150., your day is starting out really good. Take care, give it time and consciously choose different choices and experiences.

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