I guess anything is possible, but when the need is genuine, the answer is no they do not get tired of helping their loved ones. Would you get tired when you help someone, or do you get a good feeling from helping another.

Now have you helped somebody over and over with the same issue, but they never seem to grow or get past this particular hurdle? Chances are you would grow tired and possibly feel used by the person who continues to ask for assistance, instead of being self-sufficient. I would suspect the same holds true for our loved ones in spirit. To help someone become self-sufficient is a great way to help, but to help someone repeatedly makes them dependent and I do not believe that is a beneficial way to help. Sometimes it is more help to another when we let them learn from their experiences, instead of a quick bailout! As a father of four I know I will always be there for them when they need genuine help regardless how much I am called upon. I believe the fact that they feel they can depend on me is a wonderful compliment to who and what I am. So feel free to call upon and even expect assistance when you find life too difficult.
Hope I amswered your question.

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