Andrew, these are very thought provoking questions. Answer #1) I am not sure what you are getting at with the first question, but I will talk a little about my experiences with those who had brain degenerative health issues and hopefully I will have answered your question. I have many people come through in readings talking about having Alzheimer’s or brain damage. What I have discovered is that these people are fully aware of what has taken place around them. They recite conversations that loved ones had with them at the time of the impairment and yet could not physically respond in any way. Think of it like the brain and the mind; are they the same thing? I don’t believe so. The brain may be impaired or disfunctional and yet the mind is fully comprehending what is going on. Also think of a computer as the brain and the internet as the mind. You can see the computer … and you can get results from the internet… but where is the internet? I had a remarkable reading with a truly inspiring lady named Pat last year. In her reading her son Tim came through and dominated the session. Tim talked of his car accident, the effects it had on his family and spent a great amount of time thanking his mother for the long-term care she provided for him. He also talked of her turning her pain into a mission of education and healing for others. To get the full picture… you need to know that Tim at the age of sixteen had a near fatal car crash that left him, completely paralysed, and in a mental state that I could best describe as being all but brain dead. Pat found the strength as well as love for her son and for others to go voluntarily into the schools with Tim and educate students on the dangers of drinking and driving. What is amazing to me is even though he was in that state where he couldn’t even breath on his own let alone move a muscle… he talked of issues that happened during those years. Maybe the best way to compare this is to think of a person who has Lou Gehrig’s disease, eventually they can not communicate at all, can not move anything not even their lungs to breathe and yet they know everything that is going on around them. Why is this? Because the mind is not of the physical body and can not be impaired or damaged.

Answer 2) Please don’t mistake the pre-birth environment as nothingness. Because you do not retain your memories from that pre-birth experience, it does not make the experience any less real or change the fact that it occurred. We do return to that state, and it is anything but nothing. You may not remember a lot from five years ago, only key or pertinent facts, does that make everything in between nothing or non existent? If you choose to believe that pre-birth is a non-existence, feel free to. Believe what you want and what makes sense to you… until you feel a need to change your beliefs, if you ever do. There is no right or wrong only one’s perspective. Thank you Andrew for your questions

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