Yes, earlier on in my career as a medium, this seem to occurr more often. I find that it is family members that come through now.I believe the reason for that is because a medium's work needs to be validated... how can you validate a spirit guide. That is personal to you and you will know without someone telling you that you have a guide. I want to reinforce the fact that we all have guides and those in spirit who help us. The thing people want to know more than anything is what is their guide's name or names. I can not honestly tell them. I believe that the name of a guide is very personal to those involved, and if I told you his name is Charlie and you hated that name or had an issue with a dead uncle whose name is Charlie... what would I have done to strengthen the realtionship, absolutely nothing. I believe that everyone can get the name of their guide or guides by simply asking and waiting and trusting for the answer. You might even want to try meditation to prepare yourself for communication. You will hear the name... but will you believe what you are hearing, that is the question. Happy hunting for your guides, they are there. Trust me when I say your guides want to talk to you directly and not through any medium.

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