No it won’t, not at all. But I am curious how you can believe in spirit guides and spirit loved ones if you don’t believe in God. Perhaps it is not God you don’t believe in; rather I suspect the image that man has chiseled out of God may be your issue. Maybe the biblical and religious God filled with anger and retribution is the God you don’t believe in? If that is the case welcome aboard the same bus I ride through life on, I don’t believe in that God either. Please read my answer to the question before yours. God does not care if you don’t believe in Him or not, he is secure enough to know who He is without your belief and he requires absolutely nothing of you; however if finding a God you can resonate with can help and assist you through life in anyway, well that is something He does care about. So my suggestion is (only if you want to) create a God you trust in and can believe in and see how much comfort you feel in all aspects of life. If you still don’t believe so be it, keep trying to connect with those in spirit.

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