It is possible that souls have remained in spirit only and I would imagine there are many that have done just that. But my understanding is that God created life so He/She could experience life in a physical world of relativity through us. If all God knows conceptually is love in the world of absolute, He wanted to know the experience of it as well. In order to experience it God must be able to have relative limits of polarity. To know light you must experience or know darkness, to know love you must know fear, to know what high is one must have an understanding of low and so on and so on. Think of it as a slide scale where at one end you have love and the opposite end you have fear. One cannot exist without the other in our world. In God’s world of Heaven, spirit, Summerland, the Afterlife regardless what you call it, all that exists is love. You really should read Conversations with God Books 1,2 and 3 by Neale Donald Walsch for a far better understanding to life. He explains it in ways that everyone can understand, these books could change your life.

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