Well Christine the bottom line is you must do what works and feels right for you. Are you the type of person who can learn, study and develop your abilities on your own or are you the type that needs instruction and must follow? I am a huge believer that Mediums are not taught you either have it or you don’t. Classes could (might) help develop the ability that is already there but I don’t believe that classes will make someone a legitimate medium. Because you already have some ability you may find classes help, now whether that particular class you are talking about is the right one or not for you, well that is another issue. One thing I have discovered about the spiritual field of psychics and mediums is that many people have very big egos and personalities and that overshadows any good intent or teaching they may do.

I was never the type of person who could take a class or series of classes on mediumship. I knew I needed to develop in my own way and not take on someone else’s beliefs and habits. I am too strong of an individual for that, plus I just hate being told what to do. Someone else’s reality or truth does not necessarily make it my reality or truth.

Books were my best friends when developing my ability early on. For the record one never stops developing, discovering and even learning about their chosen field regardless of the industry or type of work. So ultimately Christine I am not much help to you I am afraid. Because I detest being told what to do I certainly cannot turn around and tell another. Check with you guides and check within yourself and what feels right. You can try the class it will either be a positive experience or not, but if won’t hurt you, maybe it will hurt your bank account but that is all.

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