First off not sure of my terminology I used in that particular question you refer to but I certainly do not believe that souls split, if for some reason I said that I am sorry. We are all one and each soul stays intact but each soul will have hundreds of incarnations built up in its awareness, composition and make-up. Think of it as a baby born on day one and then fast forward to that same individual 80 years later. It is still the same individual as day one but with 80 years of experiences, emotions and memories built in but mostly have been forgotten, however each memory and experiences are locked away in to that individual and their soul. The same is true for souls but instead of 80 years it may be 80 lives or more.

So even though I live and breathe today as Chris Stillar I may have hundreds of incarnations from previous lives stored in my soul and my soul is connected to me but is also tethered and locked in to spirit or Heaven as well I simply cannot recall or retrieve the stored information and aspects from past lives in a conscious way during this life time. Think of the air in your house, the air in your living room and the air in your kitchen is all the same (there are no dividing lines or cut off points) and yet if you burn toast in the kitchen you may not smell that in the living room. So even though the air is all the same and is ONE there are aspects with space and time that effect the air quality and what your awareness is of it. Your soul is like air in that way. Not sure that was the best analogy and I certainly don’t want to sound like I am a know it all, because trust me I am not nor do I believe I am. Think of one end of your soul wrapped around your physical body and then pulled and stretched thin in the middle and the other end is attached in Heaven, a big ass elastic band almost (but not quite). It is all connected as one piece but as a human we are unaware of the stretch and connection at the other end. I probably have confused you even more. Thanks for also understanding how time consuming these questions are I have spent 20 minutes alone on your answer.

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