First of all I would suggest you not meditate before bed for starters. Maybe first thing in the morning or sometime during the day. Please do not get frustrated about not hearing or knowing what the message is. You are half way there already, simply seeing and knowing is half the battle. The other may come with time. I would suggest you read up on the chakra system which is the energy system within the body. The seven colours used in my seminar meditation are based on the seven colours of the chakra system. I believe that you have opened the chakras and the energy is flowing which enables you to see and feel others. Working to balance all of your chakra's would be best, but working on your throat chakra and the colour blue may help you hear internally. Instead of being annoyed with yourself and/or your vistors thank them for coming and ask them to be patient.

I meditate daily and especially before a reading... I truly believe that is the key to all psychic activity. Thank you for your question and I am thrilled you enjoyed the seminar.

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