Let me first say that I am really sorry for your loss(es). You ask if you didn’t get a heads up because life is unpredictable, let me just say life is consciously unpredictable but please believe me when I say everything that happens and unfolds in life is meant to, everything is planned and serves a purpose in the spiritual world. Your uncle’s passing was set in motion many years ago before he was born and he created and/or agreed to live exactly as long as he did and to go the way he did (this I believe with every fiber of my being). His free will started when he charted his course for life before birth and everyone touched by his loss this week also agreed to the plan as well, even you my friend. So you were not given heads-up for the exact opposite reason you thought, you were not meant to know or to change his course of events. We have free will before coming here, during our stay on earth and after we leave. I can tell you that our awareness of love and caring before birth causes us to unselfishly make decisions that enhances the whole and not simply the individual’s personal needs. Your uncle is okay and he is with his family both in spirit and those mourning his loss, take comfort in that. He will help you all stay strong.

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