Great question! When I say that someone is touching their loved oneís shoulder or hand (by the way not all people tend to touch their loved ones during a session) what I am seeing can be a multitude of visuals and sensations. Sometimes I may get an image of the personís entire body or position in respect to their loved one. There are times that I can see just the hand of those from spirit caressing their loved oneís shoulder or face. Sometimes Iím told to tell their loved one that they are touching their hair and I will actually not see anything.

I did a reading last year where a sister who had passed from a car accident years before came in and at one point in a playful manner grabbed her sisterís hair by the handful and laughed about the roots of her hair. What I found out after the reading was that as teenagers they use to fight and the sister who passed always would pull the others hair out in clumps.

Whether anyone feels the actual contact is up to the individual having the reading. I have had clients who felt what I was describing before I actually said anything, but they were to scared to say anything and it wasnít until I validated what was happening to them, that they spoke up. Many people are more aware of energy than others. Some of us know when someone is staring at us, or when someone is standing behind us, this is the exact same feeling if a loved one from spirit was standing with you.

Are you OPENÖ that is the question I would ask a person who does not feel the energy.

People too often write-off their experiences when they happen in our everyday lives as imagination or we try to justify where the breeze came from, when you know all doors and windows are closed. Open to what is out there and not just what you can see.

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