Love knows no limit of time. I have had people come through from spirit who never met the client in person in life because they were already deceased at the time and yet the bonds of love are just as strong as if they shared a physical life together. One poignant reading last year I conducted with a young lady really stands out to me and demonstrates this fact better than any other. My client heard from a young man in spirit who stepped up and thanked her for her compassion and love . He described how he had died in a motorcycle accident and at first she was really stumped who this could be, because she had lost no family nor friends this way. Then the ‘light’ went on and she said Oh my God it can’t be. She then recounted how about six years earlier she had been driving along and came upon an accident that had just happened involving a young man on a motorcycle lying on the side of the road. She was dumbfounded why no other cars would stop to help. She ran to him and cradled him in her arms as he took his last breath in life. Her love prevented a total stranger from dying alone and he needed her to know she had made a difference to him in his final moments. How powerful is that? So if you had two incredible years of connection, that would be plenty for a loved one to come through.

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