I can tell you D that I do not pick up much if anything from energies or people in spirit at all from questions posted on my site. I will also tell you that after 17 years of doing this work, I can honestly tell you that Curtis is well and safe and that he is in spirit surrounded by loved ones and healing energy. He will still share a very strong connection to those who knew and loved him here in life and he will be around you all when you need him. Close your eyes, open your heart and talk to him. I promise you he will always hear you. Our loved ones in spirit stand beside us, watch over us and continue to love us in spirit; all because love and energy can not die, it only grows stronger. You need to trust your own heart and have faith in a Power greater than can been seen by the human eye and when you do find this, miracles can take place. Curtis will want you to heal, to recover from his loss and to laugh and live again. He wants this for you because he loves you that much.

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