Helen you are not crazy and I think the way your father chooses to show all members of your family that he is around is brilliant. Now let me play devil’s advocate here with your question. Even if the nay sayers are correct (and believe me I do not believe this for even a nano second) and when your dead you are dead. There is not much comfort in that at all for any one. Some how believing and trusting in an unseen spirit world brings peace of mind, comfort and for many the will to continue on. The knowing of a continue life provides a path out of the darkness for those of us left behind; can you think of a better way to live? Knowing that one day we will all be reunited with those brave souls that ventured into spirit long before we did; brings bereaved parents comfort all over the world. No one has the right to strip anyone else of their beliefs. So cynics can choose to see and feel the truth of their own choosing, but so can we seekers of the truth. Science has proven energy can not be destroyed or eliminated, it can only change forms. So your dad is somewhere and some form????

I have witnessed countless moments of reconnection between the living and those in spirit and I will tell you it never gets old for me seeing a family reunion take place and healing and awareness spread through a person who felt they would never feel love again. Your dad is showing you in his own way he is still with you and it brings you peace of mind; don’t diminish his attempts of communicating. Love lives on I promise you that.

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