Your father already knows of your request because you have already thought it, therefore he is aware of it. There is nothing we don’t feel, think, experience or create in our lives that our loved ones in spirit do not know or have not already seen. Now asking or wanting something from spirit is simply not enough. Your dear father would love to help your son heal, recover and get back on track; he absolutely would want nothing more than that. The other part of this equation or wild card is your son. Although your father is around your son, loving him, encouraging him and wanting and believing in the best for him; does not mean he can do much for him. Your son may be unintentionally blocking the energy of his grandfather. Grief, conditions in one’s life, substance issues and state of mind and belief all can block the energy of our loved one’s in spirit from getting through to us. Your son needs to believe and know his grandfather is with him, before he can experience it. BELIEVE then RECEIVE! Wishing you both all the best.

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