Yes of course and that is precisely the message I have been trying to share for the past 17 years of my life with those who are open enough to hear it. The problem arises when an individual’s belief shuts down the connections and create self doubt. If a person truly believes it is not possible, then they will never experience the phenomena of spirit communication because their brain and logic will never permit it. Every great scientific achievement from the start of time took imagination, belief and the thought, WHY NOT or WHAT IF? Eventually every great breakthrough or truth occurred first and then science was re-written to align itself with the truth. This field of after-life communication is no different, science simply has not caught up with what is.

So each of us shares bonds stronger then anything that we can understand with our loved ones in spirit. Those bonds can not be broken, in fact they only get stronger following a physical death or separation. What any person has to do to receive communication from spirit is invest the time of being accessible, open and AT HOME. By at home I mean, be present, don’t become a recluse in your house where you live. If someone comes to your home and knocks but you are not there, they can not make contact with you. Spirit is no different, if they knock on your door but you do not answer, they can not access you. So spend the time to reach out and trust that your thoughts, feelings and needs are being heard and felt by the intended recipient in spirit. Every day in my personal client readings spirit continually demonstrates this fact to their loved ones.

Don’t expect a lightning bolt to come flying out of heaven and provide you a definitive sign; it typically does not work that way. Communication within spirit is subtle and sometime may even feel underwhelming or understated and you will doubt that it is even a true communication. Spirit talks to us through feelings and emotions and when they are really strong we get personal signs to back those up. Spend some quiet time opening up and connecting, your loved ones truly are with you. I as a medium have simply become much more sensitive to the energy, thoughts and forms of communication with spirit; but all of us possess the tools to stay connected with spirit; because we are spirit at our core. Think of water and ice. They are the same molecules, they simply are in different forms. H2O is the element in both ice and water and yet under certain circumstances the molecules change somewhat and take on a different form; humans and spirit are no different. We humans (ice) will always revert back to our original forms (water). Hope my explanation helps you.

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