I have had spirits who were murdered come through to me in readings throughout the years. Many cases had been solved already and going through the court system (two were highly public cases in Ontario) and some were not solved. One that I know of is still an open investigation and presently unsolved after six years. A man named Ray was shot point blank in the head in his driveway when he got out of his car. His case has never been solved. I know it was young men connected to Ray’s son in life and some names have come out in the readings that the family understood, but simply there was no evidence. I believe one of the men involved is now deceased and the other is in jail on unrelated charges. As for my event January 26, I did not get a Cindy, sorry. I am curious if you are referring to Cindy Holiday whose case has remained unsolved for well over a decade. Don’t lose sleep over what Eadie told you, if the person is involved it will play out the way it is meant to. Take care!

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