You are welcome and can I just say that your not speaking up is unfortunately all too common at my events. When people do this it does nothing to lend credability to my work however I somewhat understand how you must have felt. Can I just say we will never know now what might have been said had you raised your hand and claimed that information, but you should not feel bad about it. Although publicly you did not claim it you personally felt the connection and at the end of the day that is truly what is important. Also your being there to hopefully hear from mom and dad is not selfish at all, not at all, that is what LOVE is! As for your brother I know the helplessness one feels not being able to have someone they love deeply see their own self worth and the importance of making a life change for their own well being. It is like being handcuffed. Know mom and dad are around your brother and doing what they can, but also understand that your brother is exercising his free will and we (none of us) know what his soul’s destiny and purpose is in life. Never give up Hope and the Belief that he will help himself before it’s too late. Love him ( I know you do), provide good help such as support and encouragment to seek out help for substance and mental health issues. Provide numbers and let him know you will accompany him if he needs support etc. If for any reason it does not turn out well, know you did everything you could for him and find comfort in that truth. God bless and take care of yourself and next time SPEAK UP!

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