I am probably not the person who can do much for you as I am not so much a teacher for others. I stumbled around and created my own path into spirituality and working with spirit. I am a big believer that each of us has to find our own way and create our own paths in life (others can certainly help, assist and instruct, but ultimately we are all responsible for our own beliefs and conduct). Not sure how I could even begin to help you as I do not know what your issues have been or what you think you should be doing. I can’t stress enough how daily meditation, exercise, eating well and reading books are all positive assets in creating a balanced life and all rungs on the ladder of creating a purpose filled life. Trust me when I say that you will complete what your soul needs you to complete in life, always this is the case! So first off sit quietly and connect with spirit and your soul and ask yourself what it is in life that brings you pure joy and what in life brings you purpose. Then once you know that make tiny steps , decisions and choices that helps create that for you each and evey day. I can not tell you how many tens of thousands of hours I have logged in doing what I do and always I felt the need to be better, clearer and a positive aspect in every one’s life that I have sat with (I may not have always achieved that in the outcome but always that is my focus and intent going into a session). Also I try to maintain the focus on why I am doing what I am doing and not to become complacent with my work; and why I do what I do ultimately is to be a voice for those without one. Good luck and trust and ask for continual guidance and know it will present itself in your life!

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