I don’t know the WHY’S to this exactly but I would say your observation is bang on for sure Terry Lynn. I also will say that through the past 18 years of doing this work both in my public appearances as well in my private practice that more and more men are coming and opening up to a new truth. I think much of the reason for the imbalance is perhaps coded in our DNA and a genetic component to human life. It is no secret that women tend to be far more perceptive and aware in general. I think to create balance in life, the Great Creator, God, Your Higher Power (call it what you want) knew we needed to have relativity in life for it to be successful and balanced. Gravity (up and down) hot and cold, love and fear and maybe the greatest duality of all women and men. From the beginning of time one was the hunter and gather and sustained physical survival and the other was the nurturer, care taker and source for new life. Their has always been an imbalance but I truly believe it was coded into our genetics to guarantee species survival. I would also say that in general terms men are more fearful of the work I do and they tend to be far more analytical over all. You know the whole meat and potato concept of life. I need to see it, touch it or shoot it for it to be real. But if you believe in eveolution then you know species change and adapt through the ages and I believe men are adapting. Not sure if that answered your question fully, but I guess I am blaming God for making us men the way he did, ha ha!

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