San I will do my best but it is rather complex to explain and more so to understand. Read Conversations with God Book 1 for a more complete explanation of both questions and many others. We become one is only talking about our awareness and our consciousness once we pass. We don’t magically become one upon physical death, I believe it is a process we under go and when we are ready to accept our new realities then we become one. We are light, we are energy and we are love; when we pass we finally understand and experience that truth. We are all one even now when we are alive, only our realities indicate we are all separate because of relativity and physical life and yet teh truth is we are all one. If we would live our lives knowing this and believing this our world would be a totally different place. As for tehre being no time, I believe Time is happening all at once. The past the present and the future are all occuring at once in the spirit world. You talk about time being linear and I see it as a vertical line with no start no middle no end. Of course it is hard to wrap our minds around this concept because we are flesh and blood with limited capacities to understand since we live in a relative world. Please read CWG book 1 and it will answer your questions clearly and directly.

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