I have no understanding at all what the pull would be. If it is spirit I promise you it is for purposes of your awareness and that is all. Your mind and imagination (thanks to society and Hollywood) have caused the panic and fear to strike you when these moments come. The fact that you were standing at your father’s grave as a young child may have caused some fear, questions and psychological issues to say the least and these feelings are something you have never fully addressed and have carried forth into adulthood. You may be hypersensitive to energy in general, perhaps you are quite sensitive to other people’s emotions, feelings and energies as well as with spirit. I can tell you, you need to rationalize out your fear. You are now an adult, this pulling has never hurt you and never will, you simply have to gain understanding about what it truly is. In all areas of our lives one would do well to eliminate fear. Sorry I couldn’t do more for you.

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