The reality of life no matter whether we are talking on the physical level of life on earth or whether we are referencing life in spirit the moment a person crosses over , I believe the truth is we create our realities. Creation on earth starts with thought, then word and then action. In life it can seem to take forever to create certain realities and outcomes and other times we can have a thought and within minutes it comes into fruition. But in spirit the mere thought or expectation of something becomes your reality in a nano second. In spirit quite simply what one thinks becomes their reality. Spirits come to understand very quickly upon their transition into spirit to control their thoughts and to do this rather quickly. It is this basis of belief that for me explains why different people see different realities during their near death experience. People of different faiths have different experiences. The little boy from the novel and movie Heaven is for Real, sat with Jesus during his death experience, while a person of Muslim faith would see and experience aspects of their faith and belief structure. An individual without any Christian influences would likely not see Jesus nor biblical figures. Native Americans or Aboriginal people would encounter a reality based on their up bringing. I think it has a lot to do with not only getting what we expect (creating our realities) but also understanding that FEAR also creates our realities regardless which side of life we are experiencing at that moment. What you fear you attract. What you love you attract. Which would you rather attract in to your life, pick one and focus on it and you will create more of it. Perhaps people who have crossed over to only come back and found themselves in a scary environment found themselves there of their own doing or creation. I believe that regardless what people experience, we are never separated from God nor love and once we choose to open up to that reality, that is what we experience. The goal is always to achieve oneness with the ALL!

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