Thanks for a great question that I am sure other people have wondered about as well.

Yes without a doubt I believe that a loved one can come to someone special and say goodbye. You ask is this wishful thinking… and yet your question states that you were not aware of this person being passed at the time of the visit. So I feel it would be highly unlikely that wishful thinking could or would create such a strong and memorable memory for you, one which I bet the impact for you has never decreased in its meaning.

There are many things in this world that can not be explained and may never be explained but it doesn’t change what is. If this visit has a personal meaning to you that is all that matters. Regardless what I or anybody else would say. This was your experience and only you know what it truly meant and continues to mean to you.

I have said it before and now I will say it again, the bonds of love are stronger than anything else we could ever experience in life. Death can not and does not change that fact!

Time has no impact on whether or not someone could or would come through… only LOVE.

All the skeptics in the world could dispute this claim, but when it is all said and done they would have no more scientific proof then we the believers have that it is true. One thing we do have is our inner knowing that what we have experienced was real… and nothing else matters. Enjoy and believe in your experience… IT WAS REAL!

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