I am afraid I will not be of any help to you.

I do not offer these services and I am not aware of anybody who does. As for my opinion ... I do not know much about this. I am a little leary of people who practice Past Life Regression, as like any field you need to find a legitimate person who knows what they are doing. As a medium I deal with information that (for the most part) can be validated during the reading because loved ones, and friends come through... but how can you validate the fact that someone may tell you, you were Julius Cesar in a past life (it just can't be done) and what if you were, this is a different life and time... so what. So I guess it all depends on what the client is looking for out of the regression. I am not saying it is not real, I simply do not know if a particular person can do what they claim (go figure a skeptical medium) I can only vouch for my own services.

Hypnosis for health and lifestyle reasons (let's say quiting smoking or losing weight) is a different issue and can be very good if once again handled by the right knowledgeable person. Ask your family doctor about any registered Hypnotherapists.

And one more thing - I personally do not see what the past has to do with today! Whether it is a past life or the events of yesterday. Today is all that matters and regardless what you may believe about Karma and why your life is going a certain way... You have the power to make any changes you need or want to - TODAY! I do not believe it has any bearing on what you were in a past life.

Thanks for the question and best of luck on finding the hypnotherapist you're looking for.

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