In my six years of providing messages to bereaved people

In my six years of providing messages to bereaved people, no one from spirit has touched my life like little Ryan.

Our first meeting came in February 2002 and this incredible little boy has left an imprint on my life that will always remain.

Ryan had just turned two years old when he succumbed to his cancer. But that is not the end of his story. Ryan is still very much apart of his family's life... and that cold winter night in February he proved it to his mom and dad, Paul and Rose Hill.

"What an incredible experience it was, to have so much information, so accurate. To have my four questions answered. Somebody asked me if it gave me a sense of closure, to have this reading and I said of course not, but it gave me some comfort" said Paul.

Thank you Ryan for coming into my life...

Luminary candles lit in memory of Ryan Ryan's Hope, Raised $3,000 for Cancer Research and the event raised $130,000.


MADD members reach out to lost relatives

Local medium says he receives messages from the dead
by Melanie Hennessey May. 21, 2003

April 27, 2003 is a date that will remain forever in the minds of some members of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada. They may have lost a younger brother or older sister, or father in a drunk driving accident. Some never got a chance to say goodbye. But April 27, local resident Chris Stillar gave them a chance to hear from their loved ones once again.

Stillar is a spiritual medium who conducted a seminar for MADD Canada in Toronto during the National Victims' Weekend.

"It was wonderful. It was very moving at times and very comforting," Ontario Chapter Services Manager Gail James said. "Some people were fortunate enough to get personal greetings and that was terrific."

This was the first time MADD Canada had considered bringing in a spiritual medium to help the healing process and Stillar said the group was apprehensive at first.

"I got an e-mail saying 'we are hesitant, but are interested in doing it.' A lot of people don't believe in it, and I think people should be skeptical. I think with what I do it's like putting a big old target on your back."

So Stillar invited some MADD Canada members and their families up to his Alliston office for a free session in February to show them what mediumship is all about.

"They were very pleased with the results," he said.

After connecting with six families during the April session, Stillar turned more people into believers and said he has received lots of positive feedback.

"I think those who sat in the session who were skeptics came away with a new respect," James said, adding the group will be inviting Stillar back next year for National Victims' Weekend.

"There were messages he delivered that family members were able to verify. Sometimes, we just have to open our minds," she said.

Stillar said one woman's father came through to him and said he was proud of her. Stillar then received a letter from the woman's mother who told him her daughter had been bitter for years since her father was killed in an accident. She said follwing the session shes was a completely different person.

"She couldn't believe the change in her daughter after two and a half years. For me, that made it all worthwhile." said Stillar.

Stillar has been working as a spiritual medium for seven years and said his mediumship abilities developed in two stages. First, he suffered from a strange sickness in 1994 that doctors were never able to diagnose.

"My system just shut down. They didn't know if I'd had a stroke or an aneurysm. I feel physically that was a turning point."

Then in 1996, Stillar's grandmother died, which he describes as being a "catalyst in changing my views about life."

Stillar discovered his new sense through meditation.

While for some people a realization like this could be frightening, for Stillar it just seemed like a natural process.

"It just kind of washed over me," he said, smiling at the thought. "I became more aware of energies."

He doesn't see the stereotypical ghosts most people associate with mediumship. He describes his visions as mental pictures that look like photo negatives. The first person Stillar sensed as a medium was a male presence who he said is his guide.

During a spiritual medium session, Stillar said the most common people who come through to him are family and friends. He said he can then sense things like how they died, relationships and even names. After that, he delivers the messages.

Sometimes, the messages can even be humorous. At one session, Stillar said a girl came through and poked fun at her sister's bad hair dye job and her forgetful aunt.

"I can't control who comes through or what's said. If I'm told it, my client will be told it. The messages can be personal or generic," he said.

For more information about Stillar, call 705-424-2189 or visit
April 18, 2001

Dear Chris:

Thank you very much for the wonderful experience my husband, John, and I had with you on Saturday, April 7th, 2001.

After seeing your presentation at Chapters in Newmarket on March 27th, 2001 I was very pleased with your speech on spiritual mediumship, as well very impressed with your accuracy on communicating with specific spirits that were present.

That evening I spoke with my husband about meeting with you as his father recently passed away. My husband was a bit sceptical because he never put much thought into the idea of communicating with people that have passed on. He was intrigued, agreed to meet because of the possibilities and promised to keep an open mind.

John was thrilled with the experience. It was more than he expected or could have hoped for. There was no doubt in John’s mind that his father, Jim, was present. The message that Jim relayed to you was invaluable to John.

This experience has been life altering for my husband. For this Chris, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I would also like to thank you for your devotion and commitment to communicate these meaningful personal messages. People with your skill set are few and far between. You are so needed in the world today.

I wish you well and great success as you continue to help people like us who cherish the messages from our loved ones. Loved ones who have a view of our lives from a pure, loving and purposeful perspective. Again, thank you Chris.

Truly grateful,
Stephanie Dennis

August 10, 2000

Dear Chris,

I just wanted to write you a letter and thank you so much for changing my life. When Gladys mentioned what you could do I waited until I felt emotionally ready to meet you. I had to make sure that if you could not listen to the spirit world and you were just like those advertised people on t.v. or the newspaper I had to be prepared to accept that.

When I cam to Gladys’s house I was very open to receive what you had to say. I was amazed at what you were able to do. Not only do you have a gift of talking to the spirit world you were able to give me the gift of peace. I will be eternally grateful to you for that. You were able to present Hailey’s personality through your words. I knew she was there. I was finally able to acknowledge what I had felt for the past 3 years was true. She was with me all the time. She was trying to let me know she was okay. I needed confirmation that I was not just hearing what I wanted to hear and feeling what I needed to feel.

The moment I met you my life changed. I am so happy in my heart, that is something I have not felt for years. I feel complete again. My daughter never left me, God did not punish me, she was not punished by me being her mom, she loves me, she knows I tried my best. I always thought that if she had a mother who was smarter, kinder, older, younger, anything but who I was. I felt that I had let her down by just being me. I can now walk with my head up knowing she chose me, it makes me feel special instead of feeling guilty for her illness.

I can’t seem to express in words what you have given me, I just simply want to thank you and make you realize what a gift you have.

You were a pleasure to meet and I hope that one day soon we can meet again.

Forever grateful,
Shirley Jensen

12 Starling Street
South Africa 1724
4 April 2000

Dear Chris

The evening we spent was an experience I hope to repeat. Thank you!

I had never been in contact with a Spiritual Medium and had no idea what to expect, you made me feel it is the most natural thing to sit and chat to deceased friends and relatives.

I was able to “put to bed” a number of issues that I had trouble dealing with, especially with Lynn (who has not changed at all) and my Mother!

After your session I felt relaxed and at peace within myself – just as I do when dear friends and family visit.

I hope you will be able to help many people over many years to feel the same as I did and still do.

Yours sincerely
Penny Sorensen

Dear Chris,

I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your gift.

I never read your literature before our session but I was prepared because I believed. Through you I spoke to my brother who died in 1970. He told me his death was an accident, which was an unanswered question for my whole family.

I spoke with another deceased friend who also gave me an answer.

You mentioned my mother, my niece, my friend and things that no-one could ever have known. Also September 13th was a date given through you. It meant nothing to me until the next day and it happened to be the date of my nephew’s death, (my deceased brother’s son) I never knew him.

Thanks again, best wishes
Ray GZ Henderson
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